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3620 near Camp Sherman, OR

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

3620 is a fairly easy summit to reach and activate when visiting the Camp Sherman-Upper Metolius River Area.  Access involves a half-mile hike up from Forest Route 1270 with about 300ft elevation gain.  The downside to this summit is the area was burned badly from past wildfires and the hike requires a bushwhack up an abandoned fire road. 

The summit is somewhat flat with a wide activation zone, but very brushy.  There are some live trees to hang a wire, but a support mast is recommended.  I had good Verizon service and was able to self spot.

Note that USGS topo and some other maps imply roads near the summit that no longer exist.  Look at the Google Maps aerial to see the old fire road access. 

Views of Black Butte and North Sister from the Summit
Pic of trail condition, May 2020
Basic trail route map