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Kimama Butte

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Decent, workable
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Don't know
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Activated w7I/CI-139 Kimama Butte on 7 Jan 2013 on the way to SLC for work.  Kimama Butte is the remnanats of an old volcanic hill located 21 miles SE south of Craters of the Moon NP and 16 miles north of Burley Idaho.  For those who study tectonic plate movement, Yellowstone was here 8 million years ago.  Acces via N1150W off I-84 and cross thru obvious cattle guard.  Drove about 200 yards in 4wd up the hill then decided to walk the rest. 

1.4 miles round trip hike and 400 feet elevation gain with 5 inches of snow on the ground.  Once on top I met three internet workers repairing a tower (and saw a much easier approach on the NE side of the butte)  Lot's of repeater sites and power lines so erected the Jackite pole on a nearby fence post just east of the summit and clear of any overhead wires.  23 HF ssb contacts from LA to MA.  12 degrees on the pickup thermometer when I fired up the truck.  Thank you to all the chasers and hope to do my first W7U peak this weekend.  Scott W7IMC