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Baby Blue, WA | May 2021

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Baby Blue is a 2-point summit located near Sultan, WA.  Other summits have taken priority the last 2 years, but this summit was a great surprise due to views at summit and along the last ~1 mile of road hike.  Parking is located along Sultan Basin Road, and it was ~12 minute drive after turning from Hwy 2.  To get there, I followed Google maps to 47.9222, -121.7486.  A Discover Pass is required.  

For hiking information, this is a 5.5 mile round-trip road hike with ~1,365 gain.  Thank you to Josh WU7H for posting tracks which made things much easier!  The road hike starts out with more shade, and then you start to get views ~1 mile into the hike.  Cell service was spotty on the road hike, but fine on summit with AT&T.

The summit area (and surrounding area) has been partially logged, and there were amazing views from the summit.  For HF, I was able to strap my mast to a small tree...and there was enough room to try a new Sotabeams 4-band linked dipole.  Line of sight is great especially for North Sound VHF/UHF contacts.  

While a classic road hike, overall recommend this summit due to the views.  

(Pictures below include parking, summit, and summit views)

Parking along Sultan Basin Road
Baby Blue summit area
View from summit looking approx. southeast
View from summit looking approx. northwest