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W7O/CE-298, Peak# 4676 Access

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Today after completing an activation of Round Butte near Madras Oregon I scouted a possible access route to Peak# 4676, W7O/CE-298 which is located kind of SE of Grizzly Mountain (W7O/CE-135) near Prineville OR.  I found a satellite image of a decent looking parking area off of Grizzly road that would leave about a 2 mile hike up a ridge to the summit.  If you google map 11300 Grizzly Road, Prineville OR you will be in the neighborhood of where I was going to look.  Unfortunately just past this address on Grizzly Road is a gate with lots of very important looking signage... the most important of which is the NO TRESSPASSING sign.  So, this route wont work.   This summit has not been activated as of this date so I thought I would just save somebody some trouble and wasted time exploring from this direction.  It may be that the best way to this summit is to drive part way up Grizzly Mountain (W7O/CE-135) and hike across the "saddle" to this summit.  I didnt measure that distance but just a quick eyeball says it would be a similar distance but more difficult just eyeballing the slopes. OR... make it a two-fer.  Grizzly then hike over to this one.  Anyway... good luck if anybody tries it.  Hopefully its not surrounded by fences and no tresspassing signs.