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Activating Restricted Access Haystack Butte WA

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Haystack Butte sits on a large section of land that is owned by a wind power generation organization and is also home to various communications sites.  It is restricted access behind fences and locked gates (and it is not the LC-081 peak).  It is marked by numerous signs indicating authorized personel only / no trespassing under threat of prosecution, etc.  I work for a company which has a communications site in the activation zone of Haystack Butte and was able to gain permission to operate there during a trip to service the communications site. Due to the site being very restricted to authorized personel only, I dont believe that there is any avenue by which the general public could gain access even just to park at a gate and walk a road.  None of the signage makes allowance for that as far as I can determine.

My work day did not go as planned so I didn't arrive on time or have as much time to operate as I had hoped, but was able to put 18 contacts in the log on HF CW. I visit this site a couple times a year so will attempt to activate the summit on future trips as well if work plans permit.  I used my Icom 705, Bioenno Battery to get 10 watts out of the 705, and a Chameleon MPAS Lite set up as a vertical.  Some pictures below including my leaning antenna.  The wind had picked up and pushed it a little. There was a concrete block conveniently located to make a good bench.  Thanks to the chasers who made this late in the day activation a success.  Here are some pictures;


Haystack Butte Approach

The approach to Haystack Butte


Haystack Operating Position

The Operating Postion.  IC705, Elecraft T1, MPAS Lite setup as vertical, a little pushed over by the wind. Running 10 watts out with Bioenno 4.5 AH battery.


John Day Dam from Haystack

Looking east from Haystack at John Day Dam