NW Forest Pass Req'd

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Activating Paulina Peak Hints


I just thought I would add some notes about activating Paulina Peak that might be helpful to prepare somebody else down the road.  Getting there is easy and well documented so I wont waste time with that, important however as noted elsewhere - NW Forest Pass required or pay at the entrance station.  I have a pass so I dont know what the entrance fee is.  My verizon service with SOTA GOAT worked perfectly the entire time I was up there.  I was also able to text and send photos easily.   The views are spectacular and never cease to amaze me everytime I go up ther

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Park Butte, WA | July 2019


Park Butte was one of my favorite hikes this year, and is a 6 point summit located near Mount Baker in Whatcom County, WA.  Thank you to Todd W7TAO for his YouTube SOTA videos, which sparked my interest activating.  Definitely enjoyed hiking near Mt Baker, the views, and activating near the lookout.  Since it is a heavily trafficked trail, this was mid-week activation.

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Goat Peak 13 Oct, 2013


Goat Peak - W7W/MC-026 – 13 October, 2013