pass required at trailhead

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Chuckanut Mountain, WA | May 2020


For some reason, Chuckanut Mountain was not on the top of my list for a 2 point summit.  Two reasons were probably the long hike for two points, and uncertainty about going off trail to the summit.  After not hiking for 6 weeks due to Covid-19 lock-downs, this was a great hike to enjoy being back on a trail.  While a bit longer hike, the elevation gain is gradual and the final off-trail summit push is also gradual and easy to traverse.


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Baldy, WA (between Ellensburg and Yakima), April 2019


A rainy weekend in Western, WA led me to look for options on the Eastern side.  Tim (KG7EJT) had done Baldy a week prior, and looked like a great option.  

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Tolmie Peak


It took me 2 days to get my 4 contacts at Tolmie Peak. I drove an hour and a half from Buckley, WA down HI 162 to Mowich lake. I then hiked the 2.9 miles past Lake Euclid to Tolmie Peak and experienced strong winds and driving rain to get heard. 

I bought my Rainier park pass on the way to Mowich lake and a Fee Stop, $20. 

There is clean water at Lake Euclid and while the rain is falling so are the streams. there were 2 waterfalls along the trail.