Rental Cabin

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Little Tamarack... nice activation destination with rental cabin


Little Tamarack Mountain (W7O/NE-137) makes a nice activation destination in north-central Oregon as it's located in the Umatilla NF near a Forest Service rental cabin/lookout with two other summits nearby, including Ng Knob-4820 (W7O/NE-147) and Happy Jack Ridge (W7O/NE-139).  I rented the cabin for two nights.  Activated Little Tamarack on the first day, then bagged the other two summits the next. 

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NS7P activation of Timber Butte on May 17, 2016


Timber Butte is a 2 point, 3650' asl summit about 19 miles north of Lowell, OR.  It is crowned by a converted lookout tower. This converted structure is available as a rental cabin, which is available for rent on a daily basis from mid May through mid September.A gate blocks the road up to the cabin/summit.