Santiam Pass

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Nash Crater Activation, Sept 20, 2014


Nash crater (W7O/CM-100) is just south and west of where OR 22 intersects with
US Hwy20 near Santiam Pass. Take FS 2676 off of US Hwy 20. After a quarter of
a mile, take a left onto FS 723. Note that I found this area to be pretty much
unsigned with multiple roads going in many directions. Take a map and GPS. Its
confusing at times.

Follow FS 723 around the east side of Nash crater. Ascend to a slight saddle
and flat area on the southeast flank of the mountain. I found a small pullout
here and parked.

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Sand Mountain Activation, March 12, 2015


This is a continuation of a trip I took to W7O/CM-132 during which I also
went to Sand Mountain, W7O/CM-077. Proceed as mentioned in the other blog
entry for W7O/CM-132, but before reaching the Big Lake Campgrounds turn
off FS 2690 onto FS 810, the Old Santiam Wagon Road. Road 810 is open to
mountain-bikes and apparently from the signage is also an active OHV area.

Take road 810 about 3 miles (estimated) until a road leads off to the left
marked with a sign denoting the Sand Mountain Special Geological area. Take