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Peak 6780 MT | May 2017

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1.6 miles, 2,000 ft

Beartooth WMA – Open May 15 - December 2

This is a short, but very steep climb to a seldom visited ridge in the Beartooth Wildlife Management Area.  It would be prudent to have 4wd in case if it rains, as the roads have the potential to be difficult if wet.  The summit cliffs shelter growths of Kelseya Uniflora ( a special flower that is the symbol for the Montana Native Plant Society), and Moss Campion – both of which were in bloom during our activation.

Directions (From Wolf Creek – North of Helena)

  • Drive north & west – cross bridge over Missouri River
  • Turn right (south) – drive up river to Holter Dam, then continue south along Holter Lake.
  • Continue on to the Beartooth WMA (Wildlife Management Area) - Continue on to the Willow Creek Road
  • Turn left (east) on the Willow Creek Road & drive to the parking area at the end.

The parking area is also a designated camping area.  Note that camping is not allowed outside of designated areas in the WMA.

  • Cross the bridge & climb the steep brushy slope that is directly across the valley until you gain the ridge top.  Follow the open, grassy ridge until it plateau’s out & then cross the gully to the right (west) when it is convenient.
  •  Head straight up the steep, forested slope directly towards the summit – but keep ever so slightly to the right (west).  There is a flaw in the cliff bands that allows easy (but very steep) access to the ridge crest immediately to the west of the summit.  A gps may be useful for finding one’s way through the thick forest to the narrow gap in the cliffs as it is likely possible to dead-end into the cliff band and wind up fumbling around a bit on the rather steep slopes of the ridge.  Although the ridge crest is likely within the activation zone, the summit can be attained easily by contouring a short distance easterly beneath the north-facing cliffs, after which it is a short scramble to the top.  The fine views make it very worthwhile to complete this last bit of the climb.