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Green Mountain, ID | September, 2020

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Drive-Up on a spur road from the Magruder Corridor

It is a relatively long drive to the summit on good Forest Service Roads.  Most vehicles should be able to make it with no troubles, but some clearance is helpful.  To reach the trailhead (beginning at the Red River Ranger Station on Hwy 222/57, drive 0.3 miles south, and turn left (east) on the “Magruder Corridor”/”Nez Perce Trail”/ FS-468.  Continue 18.8 miles and turn left on the Green Mountain Road (FS-285).  Follow this road 3.7 miles north, turn left at the marked road to Green Mountain Lookout and follow this another 0.6 miles to the summit and lookout.  The original 1930 log cabin-cupola lookout was replaced in 1956 with the existing L-4 lookout on a 41-foot tower.  There is good parking, a latrine, and a firepit with log benches.  The area was burned by the 2020 Shissler fire a few days after our activation, but so far as I am aware, the lookout survived.