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Burton Butte, OR March 2020

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Decent, workable
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Don't know

Took a drive to see if this neglected butte was easily accessible for a Sunday afternoon drive. Turns out all roads were open and you can drive to the contour line if you wish. Road finishes in contour with a large open area and fire pit. The weather was shifting so we chose to build a campfire and set up within the contour but did not bushwack to the peak. No real view other than from the road coming up. I walked down and enjoyed some of the views looking towards Woodrat Mtn and Ruch. There was a fair amount of target shooting at a pit about 1.5 miles below but the summit was peaceful. On your drive back down keep your eyes open for interesting mine caves, you can't see them so well going up!

Follow road maps to Burton Butte Rd, left turn just past Cantrall Buckley Park. Follow main road all the way to the contour. There are a couple turns to the left, just keep on main road and stay right.