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3507, OR Aug 2020

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This and W7O/SC-288 were detours after I got off work. I work overnight in the Applegate area and get done at 9am so had the day ahead of me and decided to check the area out. This summit was short hike but not easy. It was straight up in crumbly earth with slippery madrone leaves on top. I forgot my trekking poles and had to find a couple limbs to help me out. Once to the top, it was a peaceful little treed area, part of it a very old road. Easy set up.

I came down the hill slightly different trying to go down a more gradual ridge with less shrub but it still had plenty of bushwacking. Also there is plenty of poison oak in the area. If I go back I will choose to go to the more open area and deal with the additional 200ft gain.

I was coming west on 238, you will go past the Applegate gas station/restaurant/store and over the bridge. Continue on past the turn for Thompson Cr Rd. There will be an unmarked road to the left that is Ferris Gulch Rd. I missed it the first time since there is no street sign. This is paved for the first couple miles then gravel. A little ways in there is also a information board on the area as it is critical deer and elk wintering ground. Once I got close to where I wanted to climb up, I found a place to park.


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