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6435, OR July 2020

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This summit I went ahead to give a try after deciding Fishhole Mountain nearby was not an option for the day. This little summit ended up being a very nice, peaceful stroll. Robin wanted to rest so I took the hike up solo after we had enough pinstriping of the truck and it ended up being about 2.25 mile RT hike. The top is a forested park like area. There are also grown over old skid rows that make for an easy hike, not really any log hopping. Plenty of area to set up and enjoy the magnificent view looking down at the brilliant blue Butcher Flat Reservoir. This was after doing Dog Mtn and a couple failed attempts to access others during the day so my time was running out but very glad I did it. On my way back down, I had two cubs pass about 100yds in front of me right at the edge of the summit horizan. Never saw mama but was on full alert!

Take Lofton Rd/3715, didn't take adequate notes on roads after that but ended up parking on 3715 128, walking the road partway until it looked good to climb crosscountry.

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