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Holcomb Peak, OR Dec 2021

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Snow was coming soon so I really wanted to get out and try and get a few new mountains in before winter came. A couple on my list were Holcomb peak and a no name summit right next to it, SC-214. I put these on hold before because they are a drive to something that I've never been to and have no info on, however with winter bonus and no snow yet, it made the trip worth the risk. My 1st summit was Holcolmb Peak which looked like it had the possibility of being a drive up if timber corp allowed, but much of the mountain and surrounding area had no trespassing signs. I went to a different starting point than anticipated, starting at the Siskiyou NF. It was a steep but short hike up. A little bit difficult to stay on the NF side since the private side is much easier to navigate.

Holcomb offers a good view through the trees, however the best views are driving up Cedar Flats Rd. when I was there it was quite foggy in the valleys and a bit windy on top of the mountain, my pole got blown down at one point and my radio kept on being tugged in all directions due to antenna being tied to a branch. I chose to operate slightly below the peak since much of the peak is on the private land. There is a corner of the Siskiyou NF up there to where you can do a park and sota combo, barely in the AZ.

 Take Cedar flats road until you take a left on a BLM road, 39-6-3, that I think is also called Cedar flats road at sign. It was a popular road when I went with Christmas tree cutting and recreation. It is paved up until only a couple miles before my take off point . I hiked almost due north up along the mountain on the national forest boundary line, not well marked at all. The NF boundary corner Is barely in the activation zone but there is BLM land that you can also set up in. I doubt Murphy timber company cares if you're in their area up there, but I was respecting their signs lower on the road. de AG7GP If you choose to go up to do Holcomb, I'd recommend going just a little ways past Holcomb to W70/SC - 214, it was a more enjoyable hike than Holcomb with better views going up, easier set up and old road to hike up as trail. No bushwack.