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3420, OR April 2020

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3420-W7O/SC-263- I did this summit as a 2nd summit of the day, after Fielder Mountain. It is a lovely summit top, very park like with tall timber including Sugar Pine, Canyon Live Oak, among other evergreens and wildflowers. We parked  below a tree with a large memorial sign for a young man, Zach Marsino. This is right at the final climb up, approx 1/4 mi. up a steep well used OHV/jeep road. The path is obvious. I set up in a rocky, open area wanting some sun, with the view of Fielder to my left, but this would be a nice mountain to set up in the very well shaded timber too on a hot summer day too.

Coming down from Fielder Mt  (W7O/SC-099) on 36-4-7.6 we took a left back onto Fielder Cr. Rd. There are no road signs here other than the sign for 36-4-7.6. This road seemed to be well used by 4 wheelers with occasional 2 ft deep ruts and when I went(April) a very large muddy area in the road. You will need AT LEAST a high clearance vehicle and be a little brave to drive this, at least the condition when I went. Or, you can always find a place to park closer to the intersection of Fielder Cr. Rd and 36-4-7.6, it will only add an additional one mile to your RT hike to the summit from this intersection. There was a BLM gate that was open when we went through. Not familiar if this gets closed seasonally. Pics from both April 2020 and Feb 2021

UPDATE: I was able to access this also in February 2021. Still don't know if gates close in summer months.

RIP Zach Mersino

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