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Whisky Peak, OR Oct 2021

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Whisky is a fun hike up a rocky trail to where there used to be a lookout and still are remnants of it and other buildings including the outhouse. I had never seen a lookout built so close to the edges of the mountain. Two sides of the foundation basically came to the edge that to get to the far side of the lookout you would have to go through it when it was standing. Some of the best views of Red Buttes and the wilderness, and beyond. 360 view.It was very windy when I was there so I set up a little below, near a pile of rubble for a bit more elbow room. Watching the clouds rise and roll by was pretty incredible up there.

Very unusual rocks in the Siskiyous, each mountain can be much different from the other too. Whisky was different from all the others I had done in the area. I did it after Arnold Mountain (Lake Peak) which I also recommend. There is a road connecting the two 1040-700 but it is not for everyone. A bit rough and it was tight with no shoulder in some spots. The main access is to come from Upper Applegate Rd to Rd 1035 to 1035-350.

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