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White Mountain, CA Oct 2021

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I hiked to White Mountain in a hurry in a race against sundown, we still needed to find a place to pitch a tent for the weekend before CQP started. It was a very pleasant hike and I wish I had more time. Most of the trek is on the PCT until you climb the final 400' up to the peak. The trail is beautiful, well forested and lots of great views and interesting rock formation. White is basically a bare rock mountain to the north consisting of milky green rock, maybe serpentine?, so it is white in appearance from a distance. When I got to the top I had some technical issues, my KX2 would not power. I was able to get  power thru the internal jack luckily and was able to get some qsos but didn't have much time.

There is a memorial for a guy at the summit with plaque and someone left a full bottle of Tanquery Gin up there! :)

The RT hike is about 6 miles from where Rd 47N81 does a tight switchback beside the PCT. You can jeep it a little closer if you want but not much. I will definitely do this summit again when camping there in the future. You can do Condrey in the same day if you wish.

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