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Althouse Mountain, OR Aug 2022

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I did not know this area was so badly burned before I left. It was a pretty depressing sight. Flip side is no trees equates to good views. The whole area is thousands of acres of burned standing timber so not the safest or most predictable trip. There was some salvaging going on when I went but I predict there can be days of no operations and windfall will start bringing some trees down. They have cleared the uphill of the paved road going up but not the side roads you take to Althouse and Tanner. You can also see the landslides and shifting is starting to happen on the main road with sunken out sections and dangerous holes. Take FS RD 48 up past Page Mt Sno Park. Then turn left onto 4812. You can also hike from Bolan Mt but since the LO burned I was not sure if the road would be open, going to Tanner after this route made more since for me.

The trek up I just found a start, a bit brushy, up the south ridge. Coming down I just went down the SE side straight to the road. There wasn't much of anything growing in all the dead timber, however, the soil is loose and unstable, you slide down easily.

Nice view. Fairly easy set up. I did Tanner Mt right after.

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