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Woodrat Mountain, OR 2022

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Best way to get to and hike Woodrat in my opinion is to take Sterling Creek Rd (several ways to get to Sterling depending on where you are coming from) and eventually turn on Woodrat Mt Rd 38-2-29. There is a sign and the road is paved most of the way. You will come to an intersection on the right where Bishop Cr meets Woodrat, keep going up Woodrat for another 3-4/10ths of a mile and there will be a rutty off road embankment on the left 42.22318,-122.98933. You'll have to find a pullout before or after to park. Climb up the bank and go to the right straight up the hill on the old road current dirt bike road. This is steeper but a lot easier hike than starting at the paragliding take off area and trying to stay upright through rock and brush.

Great 360 view from Woodrat. I really enjoy operating from here. Only drawback is there is no boulder of stumps to sit on or trees to lean on. A bit uncomfortable sitting. I recommend doing nearby W7O/CS-181 while in the area. It is a near drive up and nice forested summit to do on a summer afternoon. Just be sure to follow directions I posted to get there. You need to access it from the NE side of the mountain, not the west which is private.


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