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Agency Hill, OR March 2022

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

If ever in the area I highly recommend detouring up to Agency Hill. The mountain itself recently burned in the 2-4-2 Fire but the view from above is amazing. You look down at Crooked Creek, a winding creek in the basin that eventually gets to Agency Lake. Upper Klamath, Shasta, Mountain Lakes caldera, Crater Lake rim, McLoughlin, Pelican. You can see so much. This whole area has a lot to offer. Lots of eye candy! High clearance vehicle recommended. Follow any map straight up to summit. Plenty of area to set up but you may get a little sooty and it can be dusty. When I took N6MMA here 2021 it was still deep ash. Cave Mountain nearby is also a pretty easy one if you have a good high clearance vehicle and hike the old road on the north side of the mountain, otherwise you're in for solid, near impossible bushwack


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