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Twelvemile Peak, OR Sept 2022

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I went a different route than K7ATN and drove past the Crooked Creek TH and camp spot on 3615 (which by the way looks like a great spot to camp if not occupied), and drove up 3615-189 on the right. It did require a tight, high clearance trek up the road and moving one log. If you don't make it to the end of the road you may add about 1-2 miles to you trek but it isn't too bad since it is old road. I chose to hike up from the deadend of RD 189 somewhat east eventually making it to the more gradual NW ridge of the mountain and activated from the north peak that is in the AZ. It is very steep at the center of the hike. Mostly scree and scramble. I used a range fence that goes on up to the ridge as a guide. Plenty of rock to use to set up or bristle pine on the eastern side which I used partly to shield me from extreme winds. Beautiful views and not that bad of a hike, about 1.6 miles RT, if you start where I did. After Twelvemile I went and activated Abert Rim which is basically a drive up.

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