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Old Baldy, OR 2022

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Old Baldy turned out to be a popular summit at the 2022 Campout. Easy short trek up an old logging road (not obvious) after you park at a dead end that ends at a memorial.Open space on summit with rock and brush. Old ruins of lookout.

You can access the TH from two different directions. You can either take Dead Indian Memorial Rd to Big Draw, Rd 2520. Take Big Draw Rd to RD 600 and turn left, or I continue on up the main road to RD 640, turn left and it turns to 600.

The other option is if coming from Hyatt lake area, take Hyatt Prairie Rd north and turn right on Howard Prairie Dam Rd and take it to Keno Access Rd. Take a right on Keno Access and you will reach the south end of Big Draw Rd/2520, turn left 42.22252, -122.32121 , it is not well marked at all, but I am guessing about 3 miles down Keno Access road from the Howard Prairie Dam Rd intersection. Take this road up to Rd 640 which will veer to the right and become rd 600. I added tracks of this route on Sotlas.