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"New" Sloan Mountain, OR April 2023

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First of all Brian, AB6D was the first on this mountain. New updates and advanced accuracy apparently changed the true summit to the NE peak rather than the SW. I wouldn't have gone if I hadn't read his summary. Same mountain, nearly same trek, just a slightly different finish.

You can google Sloan Mountain and it will get you there. It is through rural neighborhood up until the end. You park basically when you enter BLM. Not sure who named the roads but you drive from Daily to Weekly to Yearly Rd, then Cricket. Clever eh? Gate was open when I went but the road ends anyhow. Hike up old road to the saddle then up the west ridge. Nice long, flat summit with shade but plenty of space. Some poison oak. The road up isn't super easy as there is so much windfall you have to duck or crawl under a lot of debris. The final climb up from the saddle is much clearer and you can find paths up.

Thanks Brian for your original info. de AG7GP