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Baird Mountain, WA | Feb 2024

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
Data Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
Cellular Provider: 
APRS Coverage: 
Good digi echos

You can access Baird Mountain if you purchase a Weyerhaeuser permit You will need the “Longview – St Helens” one. The permit is valid for a year and gets you a map that you can load into an app on your phone as well as a key to the Recreation Access Gates.

I activated Baird after 2060 summit which is just across Road 1600.  So from 2060, head back down the hill to 1600 and then turn left (South) for a very short distance, maybe 200 feet or so.  Turn left at road 114B and wind up to the summit.  When there is a fork in the road take the branch in the road that is marked with a small sign for the Cell Phone Company. There is a cell tower at the top. I posted summit pics to SOTA Atlas.

I did not experience any RFI from the tower, but there are solar panels and I was getting a buzz from what I think may have been inverters or some other components from the solar system.  It was not too bad.

I had good cell coverage from this summit. And was able to use SOTA Goat app on this summit to see spots and spot myself.  APRS on most all these Weyerhaeuser summits has been really solid, so you usually have APRS as an option.

You can do a big loop and activate Meridian, Wolf Pt, 2060 and Baird, then exit Rec Permit gate 1600 and take Rose Valley Road back to I5.  From Baird to get back to I5:  114B -> 114, Left on 1600 (South), then drive to Gate 1600 and exit Rose Valley Road, Left on Old Pacific South.