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Wildcat Mountain, OR | June 2021

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One of the four Wildcat Mountains in Oregon, this one is a short bushwhack from a Honda-Fit-accessible road, and as it is directly across NF2655 from Bunchgrass Mountain W7O/CM-087, these peaks would make an excellent pair or trio with Iron Mountain. 

On US 20, turn south onto NF15 and follow twists and turns, and several forks, to a sign on the left that says Fritz Wildcat, at 44.3437, -122.1303. Follow this road up to climb the ridge, and park at 44.3296, -122.1014, the saddle. Google has all these roads marked and it can get you there.

From here, hike right onto the ridge, then follow it up. There are hints of a trail but hardly anything to follow - keep to the rocky parts as much as possible to minimize impact, please. It's hard to get lost on this ridge, it's steep-sided and the ridge is pronounced all the way to the top, I think you could find your way down it in the dark. I left the ridge a few times to avoid some of the steepest parts which, coincidentally, are the parts with the thickest trees; I had to clamber up a rock or two, and over a handful of logs, but considering how short it is I think this one's worth it. 0.6 miles, 600' gain.

Don't expect VHF coverage here, even into Bend was hard, but HF was perfectly good.

Foggy day on the ridge, shows wildflowers and trees ahead
View of Wildcat from the base in the saddle; it looks like a cone-shaped peak