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Peak 1093, OR (Eagle Crest) | February 2020

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

Here's an unremarkable drive-up summit in the mid-Willamette Valley west of Salem.
Get yourself to West Salem and find 3575 Eagle Crest Rd NW - that mailbox is across the street from the sign pictured below for "Vermeer Vineyard." Head a quarter mile mile up the paved drive to the gate pictured and park in the paved pullout next to the sign for "Authorized Vehicles Only." This is about 60 feet short of the summit altitude.  I asked a person walking their dogs if it was okay to park there for a minute and they said yes. Step away from the vehicle and see if you can raise some folks on 2m FM - the Rickreall Swap Meet was just ending and I nearly had a pile up and quickly worked four on 146.52 - other times you may not be so fortunate. It could be possible to do HF from here also, but there's not a lot of room for antennas in the pullout which was the only space that seemed plausibly "public."

Drive sign for Vermeer Vineyard
Gate at paved pullout