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Pocket Knoll, OR | May 2020

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

An easy road walk of a half-mile will take you to this summit. Of course, the road to get to the road walk is only suitable for vehicles with above average clearance.  

 From Selma, Oregon on 199, go south on that Redwood Highway for about 3.5 miles and turn west onto $8 Mountain Road (Eight Dollar Mountain). You'll take this about 10 miles - pavement a ways past the bridge over the Illinois River. You'll turn north on NF-090, and park after a mile at the intersection of NF-850. You might (very briefly) consider continuing your drive on NF-850 to get closer to the summit, but it's not recommended.   We walked up the road into the AZ - the road does go within about 50 meters of the actual summit. Lots of trees for antennas and we worked one person in Grants Pass on 2m FM.

Note that Eight Dollar Mountain-W7O/SC-081 is also a potential nearby activation.

Turn to NF-090 - this road is rough in places
NF-850 - recommended to park here