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Nameless Peak or "4088", OR - July 2023

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WV-117 is a long walk along a mostly exposed route to a completely exposed summit.  In fact, it was a very sunny and very warm hike that was much longer than expected.  I estimated based on what I could see with my eyes from the Santiam Canyon (and what I could see in satellite imagery) that there'd be no shade, and possibly no trees either.  I guessed about a 3/4 of a mile shorter than reality.   But I was mostly right - there was only one treed spot along the 4.5 mile route up that offered any relief from the sun, and there were none for either shade or suitable antenna support once atop the summit.  To sum up, BYOT (bring-your-own-tree).

***Spoiler alert - don't scroll through the images if you want to see it yourself first...there's an

epic view of Detroit Dam with Mt. Jefferson in the background once on the summit.***

The hike began as a walk-in past a vehicle gate into private timberland.  Walk-in recreation is allowed here, and so are mountain bikes.  The rules are well posted and easily understood.  From the gate, a 4.5 mile trek along sometimes rough gravel logging roads with a total elevation gain of just under 2000 feet.  There are several routes one could take up from the car - I elected for the longer and more gradual ascent followed by a much shorter and steeper decent.  Both are manageable but if you fit into the limited mobility category, go up and back the gradual route.  Either way, I recommend trekking poles, sunscreen, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Once upon the summit, 360 degree views and endless peaks and ridges abound.  Several of the Cascades' gems are in view, as is Marys Peak if you've got a discerning eye.  In an effort to save space on this blog, I didn't publish the tracks.  I did keep them, so feel free to message me if you're interested in having them.  Contact info on QRZ is good.