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Giveout Mountain, OR | October 2020

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Don't know
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Spotty, may not work at all
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APRS Coverage: 
Full two-way messaging

Giveout Mountain's summit can be reached by car or truck on generally good logging roads. Portions of the drive up are steep and narrow; I recommend 4WD. There is recent evidence of a shooting range on the summit. During my visit several groups scouted the area and there were at least a dozen such ranges set up in the vicinity. I imagine that arriving in the late morning on a weekend day may lead to disappointment.

The summit is flat and exposed with modest views to the west. There are trees along the east and west sides that can be used to hang wires though the best of them are a bit difficult to access.  The area was RF quiet from 40M to 70cm. With five watts and an endfed inverted L antenna, I had SSB contacts into California and Arizona on 40M and heard dozens of east coast operators in contest mode. This would be a good hill to set up more substanial antennas and a 100W rig if that's your thing.  I was able to spot myself using APRS and SMS. 

I won't include driving directions because I came up the long and winding route from Highway 6 after discovering that the Rogers side access road to Roundtop is closed through the end of 2020. Google provided accurate directions back to Route 26 from the peak. Or see this previous trip report for some directions:


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