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termination point wa | november 2023

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Don't know
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Decent, workable
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Good digi echos

Summary - Termination Point, near Old Man Pass Sno Park (west of Indian Heaven Wilderness) is an easy drive from Portland by way of Carson. If you don't want much of a hike, you can drive up most of the way after turning from NF31. Just stop along the way wherever you decide that the giant mudholes or the sound of paint being scratched is more than you can bear. The final summit hike is very steep (trekking poles are a good idea) if short.  ATT cell service is servicable, APRS is good, two meter contacts unlikely. This is a good hill to do with Lone Butte or Crazy Hills.

TL;DR - I combined Termination Point with Crazy Hills (LC-074), figuring (correctly) it was a short hike. Head to Carson WA, pick up Wind River Road to Meadow Creek to NF31. If you pass Old Man Pass Sno Park, you've gone too far. Follow NF31 to the turn off to the summit at 46.004562, -121.952632.  The summit road starts out easy and deteriorates as you go. You might want to park where the road turns south toward the summit and hike from there.

Follow the road south until it turns into a path and begins climbing the ridge. When you come to the final summit block, you may find orange tape pointing the way. If not, just point yourself up and go until you can't any more.  The summit itself is small with steep drops on both sides and a clear view of Mount Adams and Mount Saint Helens. There are trees for hanging wires but operating space is a bit limited.  ATT cell service was good enough to post spots as was APRS. As with most places in this area, two meter contacts may be difficult if there aren't other SOTA ops out.  

This is a fairly easy summit though the final summit path can be treacherous and is probably harder when the brush is in full leaf. The views are good and the summit is a nice, if small, operating position.  Combine with Lone Butte or Crazy Hills for an eight or twelve point day.