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First time activator...

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Full two-way messaging

Finally stopped being only a shack sloth and decided to try to be a mountain goat for once.  I went with a group of friends and took my best friend and service dog Yukon with me.  It was a real blast with successful activation, Yukon and I can't wait till the next summit.  We decided to start small and plan on slowly working our way up to the tougher summits.  

I posting my GPS track to help others get to the summit and plan on doing this with all my activations.  I find getting information on access and routes are very hard to come by, hopefully my efforts will help make it a bit easier.

A WA State Discover Pass is required to park at Tiger Mountain trail head.  A short walk down the road get you to the gated fire road heading up to Taylor Mt.  The way up is all on logging roads; we had a few downed trees to navigate but they didn't pose any problems.

K5RHD - Randy
K7ASQ - Andrew
N7AVN - Roy
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Congratulations on your first activation. I'm glad you had fun and I hope to see you out there more in the future. Thanks for posting your experiences here on the site for others to see. I hope you'll continue to do it in the future.

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Thanks Dan I have been chasing for a while but have just started doing activations.  I am using VHF/UHF hand helds until my KX3 finally ships.  I really love the site and hopefully it will help spread SOTA around the PNW.

Happy activations and good DX!

72 de K9VD



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Getting across Hwy18

Hey Randy,

Congratulations! How did you get across Hwy 18? Looks like it might be 1.5 hrs to the summit, was that what you guys experienced?

Thanks for sharing your info.

Kevin - KB7DYP

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Crossing Highway 18

We crossed at Tiger Mt trail head intersection.  There is a barrier and turn lane that helps if you get stuck in the middle of the road but you shouldn't as it is legal to cross at any intersection in WA state, drivers are supposed to yield but don't count on it.  Traffic was not very heavy on both of our crossings so it wasn't bad at all.  Legally this is from SDTO:

Legal pedestrian crosswalks exist at every intersection, including three way and odd angle intersections, whether the crosswalk is marked or unmarked. A marked crosswalk normally indicates a preferred pedestrian crossing point which is the safest place for a pedestrian to cross. Perhaps it is a location where lighting or visibility is best among a number of options, or where the potential for pedestrian-vehicle conflicts is lowest.

Safe crossings of streets are dependent upon good driver behavior and good pedestrian behavior. Any situation can become a dangerous one if poor driving or improper pedestrian or driver behavior is involved. While SDOT focuses on both traffic operations and the physical environment, everyone plays a role in pedestrian safety.