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Joint Winter Activation of Bandera Mountain - Rain, Wind and Snow

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This was my first successful joint winter Activation with Chris, KG7OFQ. 

Arrived at the trailhead in rain, heavy at times and a light breeze. 46°F.  My wife, Chris and I quickly made our way to the first trail junction, about 2 miles from the trailhead. From the first junction, the trail becomes very steep as it ascends an open hillside.  After leveling off and then descending slightly, the trail climbs the steep narrow ridgeline towards the summit block.  After some boulder-hopping, we arrived at the small exposed summit at approximately 5200 feet. 

Snow was falling and it was windy and cold. Chris quickly set-up his tripod antenna mount for his Arrow Antenna 3-element Yagi.  I took out my Yaesu VX-6R and connected the MFJ-1714  1/2 wave whip. Chris and I took turns making several contacts each after only a few minutes on the summit. Again, I was impressed with how well my Yaesu VX-6R does with the MFJ-1714 antenna!  I also brought a 4-element Yagi, made by Arrow Antenna (similar model to Chris), but found I didn't need that much antenna....a good thing as after 15 minutes in the blowing snow and sleet, we were more than ready to get down from the exposed summit and back to the woods, even though there was heavy rain down lower.

Overall, a cold wet and challenging winter Activation, but well worth the effort and suffering!