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Cedar Butte, Oregon / August 2017

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Decent, workable
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Decent, workable
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Don't know

Travel on Highway 6, and turn north onto Cedar Butte Road between milepost 17 and 18. Drive over the bridge and continue straight at the Muesial Creek Road junction (0.1 mile). There are signs at each junction that direct you to the Cedar Butte Trailhead, however, mark your mileage here and watch for posted signs. The trailhead is about 5.5 miles from this point, although the sign says 5.7. At 2.0 miles turn right at the “Y” intersection. At 4.8 miles, the Cedar Butte Road veers left. Continue another 0.7 mile to the trailhead. Park in the "Trailhead Parking" area (near 45.5828, -123.646 - note that the sign may be missing) at the “Y” intersection and walk 300 feet west up a secondary road to the information board. 

The directional sign says 5.7 miles but it's more like 50 meters - park at the landing and walk up the road.

The trail begins at 2,200 feet in an open, harvested forest. As the trail begins to climb to the 2,907-foot summit, you enter a closed single canopy forest. There are several switchbacks where the trail steepens, and eventually the ground turns from soft dirt to loose rock. The trail emerges below Cedar Butte exposing a view of the summit. At the summit you are treated to two robust benches for laying out your gear and having an elevated place to sit. There are sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, the town of Tillamook and the Kings Mountain ridgeline. Wear sturdy hiking boots. Hiking poles would be helpful on the descent.

Trail Information: 0.75 miles, Difficult, 700 foot Elevation Gain.

AT&T cell service was spotty.  T-Mobile and Verizon service were fine.

There was a fire lookout on this summit

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5.7 miles!? More like 50 meters!