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Bishop Mountain Idaho

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Bishop Mountain is an extinct volcanic vent on the rim of the Island Park Caldera. At the summit there is a fire lookout that is one of the few remaining towers in the Targhee National Forest. The 72-ft tower was constructed in 1937. Now on standby status, the tower saw extensive service during the Yellowstone Fires of 1988. The summit also has a couple of picnic tables, a cabin that is available for rent through the Forest Service and a fire pit.

Access to the summit is from Highway 20.  Turn west on North Antelope Flat Road (#168). Travel 7.5 miles to Bishop Mountain Road (#120) and then turn right (north) and travel for about 5.4 miles. The road dead ends at the summit.  North Antelope Flat Road is pancake flat with intermittent washboards.  Bishop Mountain Road is a moderate grade but is a rutted spring snow melt river!  It took all of my 11 inches of clearance to maneuver up the road to the summit! Google Maps provides great directions.

2m was completely dead.  I don’t think there are many amateur radio operators in range.  I had posted an alert, but my spot failed to post.  I was able to make four 20m contacts and complete the activation.

Bishop Mountain Summit