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North Deadline Ridge, Idaho | February 2022

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This was my second Winter activation attempt of this summit.  The first one ended in an epic fail getting my Jeep stuck in the snow (see picture below).  I had to do a self-recovery with my shovel and winch.  Do not attempt to drive on the groomed "road." Though along the non-winter access road, this is a groomed "trail" for snowmobiles!

This successful activation occurred a few weeks later.  Instead of following the 3.8-mile road access, I pieced together a combination of road, bushwhack and ridge approach. There is ample parking at an established recreation lot (42.16908, -114.27658). The lot is located approximately 1-1/2 miles south of Magic Valley Resort where Rock Creek Road is closed for the Winter. From the lot, hike along the "road" for approximately 1 mile where the bushwhack begins (42.16335, -114.29145).  Follow the draw up the mountain until you reach the ridge (42.16390, -114.29667).  At this point you can drop down to the "road", turn left (south) and continue to a point to access the summit (less than 500 feet).  I opted to walk the 1-mile along the ridge to the summit (it parallels the road with less undulation). The GPS recorded 2.38 miles.

This is an easy to moderate ascent.  The "road" was packed/groomed and the bushwhack was wonderful snow 2-3 feet deep.  It was a joy to snowshoe.  I wish this was a longer portion of the ascent/descent!

The actual peak had no trees and was very windswept.  There are 360-degree views.  I opted to drop down about 25 feet into a small grove of deciduous and coniferous trees to get out of the wind and secure my mast.


Stuck in the snow!
Beautiful day on the summit!