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Beacon Rock | Dec 2021

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Good, very usable
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Don't know

On a overcast Friday morning, I headed out to Beacon Rock State Park to activate this summit.  I was accompanied by KJ7UIP and we parked at the trailhead parking lot.  There are 2 parking lots off highway 14, the eastern one having the restrooms.

The trail is very gentle with 24 or so switchbacks to the summit.  It took us around 45 min to ascend.  The top was very windy but we were able to find a spot out of the wind after raising a J-pole on a fiberglass mast.  Since it was not nice weather,  we only had to share the summit with a handful of other folks.

We got 4 QSOs on 2m and set about setting up the 20m antenna.  However, the wind was starting to get to us and we decided to forgo that and head back down.

This summit paired nicely with either Prune Hill (W7W/LC-164) on the way there from Portland.