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Elizabeth Ridge, WA | Sept 2021

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This summit is a quick 1/2 mile hike up ~500' elevation gain along what one of the rangers described as "social trails" which is to say there is no maintained trail but folks have bushwacked up to the top.  After parking in the Mowich Lake lot (pass required) and walking a short distance, I found a spot by the turn-around (and a no-parking sign) which has a section where one can get up off the road and into the forest.  There is a short path that peters out but if you keep going upwards you eventually get to the peak.  I availed myself of the SOTA Goat app to keep me pointed in the right direction and made it up in around 45min.  From there I was able to make contact with folks in Tacoma/Seattle/Everett on 2m HT w/ 5/8 whip antenna with no trouble on 146.520.  I also put up the 20m EFHW on a mast and worked folks in IL/OH/NY.

This summit could be done in conjunction with Tolmie Peak (W7W/RS-035).  We chose to spend the night at Mowich Lake which was very pleasant this time of year.