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Tolmie Peak, WA | Sept 2021

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The trail is a relatively easy 7 mile hike round-trip with elevation gain of ~900' 

There is an excellent view from the summit of Tolmie Peak towards Mt. Rainier on a clear day.

It can get super busy on weekends with folks dragging their picnic baskets up to the top, especially around the firewatch tower.

Had no difficulty raising folks northward up into Everett and even one contact in BC on 7watts HT with 5/8 whip antenna. This summit could be done in conjunction with Elizabeth Ridge (W7W/RS-049).  We chose to spend the night at Mowich Lake which was very pleasant this time of year. Note that Mowich Lake is a very popular destination by hikers and picnicers alike and parking can easily add another mile to your hike.  Also, it should be stated that staying the night requires a backwoods hiking permit from Mt Rainier National Park and can be secured by visiting the web site.  Parking also requires a day pass or an annual pass.