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PEAK 7058, IDAHO, JULY 12, 2022

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  Going South of Pocatello Idaho on I-15, also heading North on I-15 from Salt Lake City, take the Inkom Idaho exit. You will then need to take Rapid Creek road heading in a NE direction from Inkom. Rapid Creek Rd is a main road in Inkom. You will then go approximate 2 miles on Rapid Creek Rd until you see Inman Road on your right. Take this road another 2.5 miles and you will see a UTV/ATV Trailhead on your right. The pavement/oiled road ends here and turns into a dirt road. A 2 wheel drive can be driven on this road pass the winter gate.  This road is closed for the Winter mid Nov. until mid May. Go aproximately another 2 miles. I generally access this summit at 42°50'31"N, 112°9'9"W. From here it is a very steep uphill for approximately a mile without a trail...strictly all bushwhack until the summit. 
  The above referenced roads can be found on Google Maps if needed. This is all Forest Service land.  Enjoy !

 Bill N0DNF