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Wolf Peak - June 2019

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

Wolf Peak turned out to be an awesome summit! It was pretty easy to bushwhack to. Basically, you park at 45.153898, -121.868155 and follow the ridge line up to the top. The ridge is pretty steep to the east so it is easy to follow.

You can get to it in a regular passenger car from highway 26 or by coming through Estacada. Either way has paved roads all the way to the parking spot (but there are some wicked pot holes on the road coming from hwy 26). There is what looks like a little road at the coordinates above where you can park. The road doesn't last long but it is easy to follow the ridge to the top. It was fairly open and easy to bushwhack. There were just a couple spots of wading through the brush so if you go early in the morning and there is dew you might want to have some water resistant or quick drying pants. At the top there is a nice rocky outcropping with 360 panoramic views of Hood, Washington, and probably Jefferson if not for that low hanging cloud! That was a nice treat since most of the peaks in this area have little or no views to reward your efforts.There was a nice big rock for a table and an old dead snag that made a great antenna support. This area is kind of a dead zone for VHF contacts, but would probably work good for a W7O S2S party. Verizon has good coverage at this summit.