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Katsuk Butte Activation, Oct 16,2015, Deschutes Natl. Forest

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Katsuk Butte is a nice little peak near both South Sister and Devil's Hill
in the Deschutes National Park near the Mt. Bachelor ski area. It's easily
reached from the Devil's Lake campground parking area. You will need to be
comfortable with cross country travel via map/compass/GPS as there are no
trails to this summit.

Katsuk Butte can be conveniently coupled with an activation of South Sister. I
spent the night in the very nice campground on the banks of Devil's Lake,
activated Katsuk Butte late in the afternoon, and left for South Sister early
the next morning. The campground had pit toilets, no fees and only about ten
spaces, first come, first serve. Permit required to park there.

To get there, travel about 6 miles west beyond the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort
to the Devil's Lake Campground and Trail head at FS road 430. Park in the
campground area or near the other trail-heads. Directly off of FS430 to the
right as the road begins to bend left is a sign marking the Katsuk Pond Trail
#13. Take this trail for about 5-6 minutes and then begin to ascend to your left
at the least steep entry to the forest you can find. Go slow and be careful
among the rock and numerous fallen trees.

Consult your topo map to ascend SSE towards the depression between Talapus
and Katusk Buttes. Ascend to the edge of the depression and traverse the edge
of it going south directly towards Katsuk Butte. The terrain is rougher on
the edge of the depression but the travel is easier than through the forest.

When reaching the base of Katusk Butte, ascend with Talapus Butte directly
behind you (north). The NW side of the butte is a very thick hemlock forest.
Follow game trails up the slope rather than attacking the summit head-on.
They really do know the area better than you! Travel time from the parking
area to the summit was about one hour with a elevation gain of 720ft.

The summit opens up a bit with ample room to setup. Both EFHW and horizontal
dipole supports are plentiful. There is a nice view of Mt. Bachelor and some
views to South Sister. This is a nice little peak that takes little time or
effort to activate. The area is loaded with wonderful activities if the bands
are funky. I'll hopefully be back someday.

View of Mt. Bachelor from summit
View of S. Sister from summit