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North Quartz Creek Ridge | August 2022

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Spotty, may not work at all
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Spotty, may not work at all
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Full two-way messaging

Access and other info in my post on Quartz Creek Ridge

Continuing our hike from Quartz Creek Ridge, at the access trail junction Bill K7WXW and I retrieved my stashed water, had a small break from the aggressive climb up from the ridge saddle, and then continued north on the Summit Prairie Trail. 

The trail is mostly continuous uphill to the summit, with a few small descents here and there. From the junction, it is nearly exactly 1 mile to the summit. Just before the final ascent to the summit, there is a fantastic view, overlooking Snagtooth Mtn, Hat Rock, Dark Mtn, and even Mt. Rainier.

The summit itself has no views. There are footings from an old fire lookout, though no structure at all remains. The area is generally open, but with a few smaller trees available to attach a mast and string your antenna. The bugs on this summit were even more aggressive. I did not even get my HF rig fully set up, but worked other operators in the area on 2m and 70cm, again entirely S2S QSOs for me.

We packed up and got moving back down the trail to our campsite as quickly as we could. We were back down to our campsite in about 30 minutes.