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Basket Butte, OR | July 2022

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Voice Cellular Coverage: 
Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

NOTE: did I mention how many mosquitos this summit has?

I worked this summit with my Dad while staying at Lemolo Lake KOA.

The climb is very straightforward but I would bring a bug screen as they were alerted to our presence and followed us up the whole way.  Once we killed off all the brave ones and we cooled off, it settled down to a reasonable experience.

There is one parking spot at (43.322823, -122.233136) which is the turn off NF-3401 and the beginning of an overgrown logging road that goes up and switches back.  We followed it quite a while back west to see if there was another switchback but eventually just bushwacked the last few hundred feet up the hill. It's about 0.5 miles OW and 800 feet gain.

There is a relatively spacious treed area to setup HF antenna and I was able to get 6 QSOs on 40m and one Canadian station on 20m.

After that we packed up and headed to Elephant Mountain (W7O/CS-080), which is just a few miles away.  If motivated with an early start, you could probably do all 4 summits that are close by the KOA in a single day.