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Tom Dick Harry Mt, OR - the Easy Way| March 2020

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Good, very usable
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Good, very usable
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Don't know

In looking for my next winter activation, I came across Tom Dick and Harry (W7O/CN-032) which is on the upper portion of SkiBowl West.

I rounded up the family for a day of skiing and we set off.  The summit is reached via Upper Lift and a 1/2 mile ski/hike portion.  I was able to get there fairly quickly after taking off my skis and hiking up the last 80ft of elevation.  The track up there had been recently groomed.  Upon achieving the summit, I setup my SpiderBeam/J-Pole on 2m to one side of the track and proceeded to work Mt St Helens (W7O/LC-001) S2S.  The day was sunny for part of the time and the temperature downright balmy.  After a while, I switched antennas to 20m EFWH and worked some more.

I had a few visitors who were of the 'double black diamond route is not challenging enough' persuasion and they dissappeared over the side.  One visitor inquired about my activities and I explained what I was doing.

26 QSOs later, I packed up and headed back across the saddle to the lift area.  I choose to ride the green Skyline route back down as this was my first time with a big pack on my back.