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3516 Triode Mtn, WA | May 2023

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I thought I should put a few pointers here based on our recent activation of Triode Mt.

The property is privately owned by Inland Empire Paper Co.  They sell a per-day access permit from their web site.

We parked at the gate (47.750860,-117.118169) and started hiking.  The route switches back and forth and we ended up taking 2 shortcuts that are visible in purple on the map below.  The longer "shortcut" closest to the gate was where we missed a turn on the way back down.  The blue track is courtesy of Matt W7MDN.

The summit was a jumble of rocks which we didn't bother to scramble up since there wasn't much room to work from up there but instead setup 20' or so below the summit.

NOTE: we did run across a camouflaged turkey hunter with a shotgun.  I could hear him running a call as we passed by on the trail.  Had a pleasant conversation with him and continued on but be aware that there might be others like him up there.  There was a pickup truck at the gate when we parked.

Route to Triode Mt