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Copycat visits Roman Nose

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After going "0-for-Powers" last week, I decided to lick my wounds with an easier activation.  Shamelessly, I cribbed from the recent visit by Phil, NS7P, to Roman Nose Mountain.

Roman Nose is almost TOO easy.  One can drive all but the last half-mile or so.  I parked another 1/2 mile before the locked gate, to ease my conscience.  (There's no specific distance of hike required.  Personally, I aim for at least a mile or so.  If you're young and vigorous, you might want to be tougher on yourself).

I operated about 100m from the hilltop communications site.  Phil had noted some interference from it, but it didn't bother me.

Directions: From Florence, OR, drive 24.5 miles East on OR-126 to what my GPS only calls an "Unpaved Road."  Turn right and follow the road aboujt 9.9 miles if you go all the way to the gate pictured, otherwise whatever distance less you select.

At the gate pictured, hike the remaining 1/2 mile or so to the comm site, selecting a distance from it you judge best.

I had a great time at Roman Nose, with 19 contacts, including 3 Summit-to-Summit.  As always, thanks to the patient chasers.

As shown in the pictures, I was operating from a folding chair, but without a table, so the rig sat on my lap, along with the clipboard/paddle.  This was possible, but I bumped the tuning knob a few times, making things a bit harder for my contacts.