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NS7P activation of Stoney Point on 6 June 2016

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Stoney Point, W7O/CC-076, is a one point summit near Noti, OR.  It is on private property and requires permission to hike. The people who live in the house at the gate have been reasonable about access, as were the loggers working on the way up.


As you pass by Noti, OR on Hwy 126, take a turn north onto Poodle Creek Rd. Follow Poodle Creek for 2.4 miles to a left turn onto Allison Rd. Take Allison 0.4 miles to 22093 Allison (red mail box on right side of road). Check with the people at that house for access to the road up the mountain. They were open to my hiking to the top when I explained what I wanted to do.


The gravel road is a slight veer off of Allison Rd just after the mailbox.  There is a gate across this road that will probably be locked. Climb around the gate (unless you were lucky enough to be allowed to drive up). The gravel road swings quickly to the right and heads uphill. Follow the main branch of the road for 0.6 miles to a “T” intersection. There was logging underway along the road as I activated. Turn left at the “T” and follow the somewhat overgrown road for 0.7 miles to a widened flat section. At this point the road becomes a primitive jeep trail up to the top of the hill. The total distance from the gate is about 1.5 miles with a 700’ elevation rise.



There are plenty of trees to hang an antenna from. My activation went well with many solid 20 meter and a few 30 meter CW QSOs - KX3 and EFHW antenna.