Bad or No Parking at Trailhead

Trailhead has limited or no parking
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No Access to McMillan Mt, WA | May 2024


I had corresponded with Matt W7MDN and he graciously sent me a GPS track for this summit.  His previous account is here.

However, upon arrival at the gate, I was met with a No Trespassing sign which included rather explicit details about the lead that would be sent my way if I chose to ignore the sign.

I was unable to locate another way across the private property from Rail Canyon Rd to the WA Resource Management Area.

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1095 on Private Property


The summit is in the middle of a Christmas tree farm owned by Fox Farms.  There is a graveled road (about ½ mi) to the top.  There is several commercial comms at the summit and all protected by cameras.  The access road is “generally” wire rope gated.  The property is not posted.

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Johnson Benchmark, Idaho/Montana | 14 September 2023


This is a burned-over scattered forest summit with few live trees.  Parking at the trailhead is limited but several places within 200’ exist.  Finding a place without snags limited parking to a couple of areas west of the trailhead at the curve in the road.  The one above the road is near an Idaho/Montana boundary post.  That post was placed in 1905 at mile 393.121 per information received from W7LIX. 

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Peak 7180 IDAHO August 23, 2023


From Pocatello Idaho go South on I-15. Turn off onto Highway 30 towards Lava Hot Springs.  Proceed to the Lava Hot Springs golf course and take Smith Canyon Rd South approximately 3.2 miles until you hit the Forest Service Boundry at 42.54653, -112.06385. There is no trailhead so you will have to park safely on one of the nearby pullouts.

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7017 IDAHO 8/23


This summit is located off of Highway 30 Northwest of Soda Springs ID.  Turn North off of Hwy 30 at the Old Oregon Trail highway.  Take this road a couple of miles until you reach Windmill Flat Rd on your right.  Follow this road approx. 1.75miles stopping at the cattle guard. From here you will see an old 4 wheeler trail going up the fence line on your right which is now closed by the BLM.  Follow the fenceline until the corner posts.  Here you will need to bushwhack approx 1.3 miles to the summit.  There is approxiately 1000 ft lift in this bushwhack.

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Pinnacle Peak, OR - June 2023


Pinnacle Peak is quite a drive, at which there is no real parking, and no trail, which I suspect is why it hadn't been previously activated - that and the two points. Fun nonetheless, a sense of accomplishment, and some good views to the east.

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Monument Peak, OR - May 2023


Parking for Monument Peak summit (aka Peak 4740) is on Monument Peak Road (MPR) about 7.5 miles up from the Monument Peak Trailhead at the south end of Gates School Road.  Gates School Road is at milepost 33 on OR-22 east of Salem.  I recommend parking here: (44.6966, -122.3343), the junction of MPR and what is now a washed out logging road - 2WD vehicles need not apply. 

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cornell mtn or (the long way) | april 2023


TL;DR - Cornell Mountain is on private property but the activation zone extends to the public right-of-way, so this is a side-of-the-street activation. You might be able to activate on HF with appropriate gear but expect the locals to give you the stinkeye if you spend much time loitering.

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Lick Benchmark, OR | Sep 2022


Lick Benchmark is a six point summit located near John Day Oregon. It is a bit more than ½ miles round trip and 420 feet of elevation gain. So a bit steep. Trail starts at 44.5755, -118.7617. There is a wide spot to park and turn around there. There is an old jeep track that turns into a trail for a bit and then disappears. It is not a bad bushwhack though, in terms of whacking bushes. The benchmark is on a rock outcropping at the summit.

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Ingle Mountain, OR | Sep 2022


Ingle Mountain is a six point summit near Mt. Vernon Oregon. It is a little over 4 miles round trip with a total elevation gain of ~1100ft, but it seems a bunch more. That is because net elevation gain is only about half of that. So one keeps seeing false summits followed by saddles followed by false summits …