Bad or No Parking at Trailhead

Trailhead has limited or no parking
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Wind Mountain 17/01/2022


Wind Mountain is a popular summit on the Washington side of the Columbia river gorge near Carson WA with wonderful views of the river and Mt. St. Helens  I was a little worried about access given the recent snowstorms the area has had, but decided to take the chance.  The trail was pretty icy, and for lack of crampons I found myself relying heavily on my trekking poles with ice tips. 

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Wapato Peak, WA | Dec 2021


I completed the first-ever activation of Wapato Peak today (Peak 3380). Wapato Peak has no official name in the SOTA database, but several sources mention this one so it's the name that I will use.

There is no established trail, but the hike is fairly easy, with only ~800 feet of elevation gain and a 1.5-2 mile round trip. It is steep at times, but I found it manageable with trekking poles and ordinary hiking boots even with an inch of snow on the ground.

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Red Mountain WA | November 2021


Summary - Red Mountain is an easy two mile, 1400 foot climb from the gate to the summit along a poorly maintained road. There is a lookout tower and a couple of VHF/UHF installations on the open summit. The views are amazing! FSR6048, the road to the summit, is in poor condition but passable with 4WD and clearance. The gate location shown on the USFS maps is incorrect, it is actually at 45.920, -121.824. There is only room for one vehicle near the gate.

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Hat Rock, Washington | October 2021


NOTE: Forest Road 9341 is blocked by a rockslide at 46.23071, -121.82871 and there is an additional 3 mi approach to the trailhead on pavement. 

This was summit 2 of a 2 First Activation day. 

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Loon Lake Mountain, WA | September 2021


26 SEP 21: This previously un-activated summit was a rare treat on a beautiful fall afternoon. Parking can be tricky and the access road is bordered by private property on both sides. I recommend parking on Museum Road near Highway 395; the walk in from there is around 3.2 mi with gradually increasing hills.

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Royce Mountain, OR | July 2021


This is a near drive-up in a carefully driven Prius, or perhaps a full-on drive-up in a vehicle with some ground clearance.

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6001 (no name), OR from Bennett Pass Rd | June 2021


Well, we made it back alive.  Bennett Pass Rd/NF-3550 is a single lane (which serves both directions) dirt track.

We had spent the night at Rock Creek CG and thus driving up NF-4860 to the turn at the intersection with NF-3550.  There are, however, only 1 or 2 places to turn around after that.  We had to digg (a 4-letter word) through 2 snow banks to gain passage and only saw one other vehicle (a Jeep) on the route.  High clearance 4x4 vehicle required on NF-3550.

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St Helens, WA l March 26 2021


From Marble Mountain SnoPark, head up, then left to the current true summit.  Ski down.

H Henry's 6min video starts 7min in.

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Underwood Mountain OR | Dec 2020


Underwood Mountain is a 2 pt summit Northwest of Underwood, WA across the river Northwest from Hood River Oregon. The start point is about 4.5 miles off of highway 14.  It is an easy 3 mile hike to the summit with 1400 ft elevation gain on forest roads closed to motor vehicles. There is a short 250 foot doable bushwack to the summit. It would be a very feasible mountain bike activation.