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W7O/CC-107 southwest of Crow, OR has access issues

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W7O/CC-107 is a one point, unnamed 1780’ asl summit southwest of Crow, OR. It is in rugged logging territory.  I tried to access it today (May 17, 2017), but I ran into obstacles. There is a locked gate where BLM road 20-7-4.1 branches west off of Oxbow Road.  An accompanying sign forbids unauthorized vehicle travel. 


Theoretically, one should be able to park in this area and walk to the summit, but there is active logging in the area up the mountain. I estimated the distance to the summit as 2 miles or so, with about a 1200’ elevation rise. Google Earth imagery looks like the final 200 vertical feet may be a forested bushwhack.


It was drizzling, so I decided that going after this summit would be better on a weekend day. That is, if you want to put the effort into this remote summit for one point.